Reflective Teacher Challenge Day 10 – Countdown

Day 10- @TeachThough 30 day reflective teaching blog challenge 

Share five random facts about yourself.

Share four things from your bucket list.

Share three things that you hope for this year, as a “person” or an educator.

Share two things that have made you laugh or cry as an educator.

Share one thing you wish more people knew about you.

5- Random facts:

1. I went to a boarding school in Connecticut.

2. I went to school with Seth MacFarlane.

3. I own 3% of a microbrewery some friends from college started.

4. I am a survivor of an airplane accident

5. I was always told I would make a great teacher but took two trips to college and 10 years to figure out my passion.


4- Bucket List Items

1. Go to Rose Bowl

2. Sail across an ocean.

3. See an elephant in the wild.

4. Explore the Galapagos Islands.


3- Hopes for the year

1. Peace in the world- Don’t we all hope for this?

2. Reach my students, make those connections, see success.

3. A mild winter: Last year was brutal!

2- Things that make me CRY

1- How society views education and educators. Needs to be valued MORE than entertainment.

2. Poverty and its effects on my students. Richest country in the world needs to be more compassionate and caring for others.


1. I CARE about education, my profession, my kids!

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