Reflective Teacher Challenge Day 14- Feedback

Day 14- @TeachThough 30 day reflective teaching blog challenge 

What is feedback for learning, and how well do you give it to students?

Feedback on learning is giving each individual student specific and timely information about where they are in their learning in relation to the student learning objectives. Feedback is a vital part of the educational process. Teachers give students learning objectives, feedback allows students to know where they are on the path to reaching the their objectives.

How well do I give it to students?

I feel I give a variety of feedback to my students. I do okay here. Of course I could improve the timeliness of my feedback. I strive to give students feedback that they can use in their learning In teaching middle school students, I have to take the time to have individual conversations with students about where they are in reaching learning targets. This takes time. Grades don’t grades aren’t constructive to middle school students. Most students see them as an end point (fixed mindset.) I spend as much time as I possibly can to talk to my students about their learning and help mold a growth mindset. I am always looking for better ways to give students timely feedback. I can always get better with feedback!

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