Reflective Teaching Day 15- Strenghts

Day 15- @TeachThough 30 day reflective teaching blog challenge 

Name three strengths you have as an educator.

My 3 strengths:

1. Flexibility- You have to be flexible as a teacher. I am willing and able to go with the flow that is middle school. I know how to punt when the lesson plans aren’t flowing or we encounter an unforeseen change in our daily routine.

2. I listen and relate. I feel I do a good job listening and relating with my students. This helps me make the valuable relationships. Students know I care and I hear their thoughts and concerns.

3. Adaption of content: I feel I can adapt the content so my students can relate to it. So often texts make teachers jobs harder. They add in ideas and facts that confuse the students and inhibit learning. I feel I can take the content down to the bare bones and make students see the WHY in the need to learn. Without knowing the WHY students often fail to have the desire to learn ideas.

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